GI-KI's Time To Remember
d: 4-4-09
(Gosling's Valley Gold Zack x GI-KI's Movin Olympic Style CD CGC OD)
Hampton has 8 points toward his championship.

Hampton's Accomplished Kids:

Out of Palm Court's Debutante Debut

        (First Breeding)

        Palm Court's Island Breeze

        Palm Court's Island's Cruzan Confusion

        Palm Court's Isles Tail of a Hurricane

        Palm Court's Isles Hurricane's a Comin'

       (Second Breeding)

           Palm Court's Sophie's Sea

           Palm Court's Sea 'N' Sensational

         Palm Court's Spirit of the Sea

Out of Tuxedo's Bewitchin Hollywood

        GI-KI's Cicada Serenade

        GI-KI's Year of the Cicada

        GI-KI's C-Ya Lada Cicada