GI-KI's Secret C.J. CDX CGC
b: 5-1-91
d: 7-26-01
 C.J.'s owner, Joyce, had this to say about her golden hero:  
     "C.J. was intelligent, challenging, loving, friendly, a hard worker and loved to train.  He learned new things very quickly and was eager to please.  He had a strong retrieving instinct - he never knew when to stop.
     C.J. earned his CGC, AKC CDX and 1 leg of his U-CDX and was a therapy dog at nursing homes.
     On one visit a lady who hadn't spoken in months saw C.J. and said "doggie, doggie" and reached out and petted him.  The staff said she continued to speak to them occasionally, but when C.J. was there she said "doggie, doggie" and motioned to him.  Every time we left she would still be calling to him.  He always knew who wanted to pet him and who didn't."